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Information regarding current happenings at the practice and any changes that may be occurring. This is produced in regular intervals via our Patient Participation Group who meet with the doctors and staff throughout the year.

23 Jan 2017


NEW: More GP Appointments released

Over the next few months, we are working with NHS England to offer extra GP appointments. This is because we know that there are times you want to be able to see a GP at short notice. We also know that over winter, lots of people have seasonal illnesses which require more than a pharmacy, but don't need emergency treatment. Monday is a day where we seem to have additional requests to see a doctor so we will be offering extra appointments on a Monday.

The extra appointments are bookable on the day by ringing reception on the usual number 0121 478 1850 or by booking online

If you haven't yet signed up for GP Online Services simply call into the practice with two forms of photo ID and proof of address. We can sign you up there and then. GP Online Services makes it easy to book appointments online, request repeat prescriptions and view some of your medical records. Find out more about this on

If you are not able to attend an appointment you have booked, for whatever reason, please let us know. We can then offer that appointment to someone else that needs it.



12 Apr 2016

Dr. Ross's Practice. PPG. Who we are and what we do.

Northfield Health Centre. Dr Ross's Practice. PPG   Who are we and what do we do?


  • We are an active group of Practice Patients who work in partnership with Practice Staff and GP's.
  • We meet on a regular basisWe provide a patients' perspective, acting as a ‘Critical Friend
  • 'We aim to foster communication within the wider patient population building stronger patient-doctor relationships

How do we aim to achieve this?
1. The PPG formally meets approximately 8 times a year. Five of the meetings are patients only sessions, where, for 3 meetings, we :-
• discuss results from our latest survey
• use these to inform the agenda for the next full meeting
• discuss ways of better informing the patients

These meetings do not have a set agenda; they are a sounding board for views and ideas. Then a further 2 meetings are to :-
• plan the next questionnaire
• collate results from the most recent questionnaire and prepare The Action Plan to be presented to the whole PPG.

The remaining 3 meetings, held alternately with the patient only meetings, are for the whole PPG and involve GP's, Nurses, Support Staff and the Practice Manager. These meetings have a formal agenda and formal minutes

2. To help inform the PPG of patient views we have, since 2009, carried out a Patient Survey; initially this was the "Improving Practice Questionnaire", audited and approved by the PCT, but since then we have run our own questionnaire and also completed the Standard Reporting The results of our surveys are collated, and the data provided is reported to the full PPG, copies are put onto our website and copies made available in the waiting room and through The Practice Manager. Important findings are also published in our regular newsletters. The results of each survey then inform The Action Plan that provides a way forward for the next 12 months. Targets have a named person to oversee progress, a completion date and cost ( where possible). Progress is reviewed at all meetings.
Particular attention is paid to the Patient Comments section of each questionnaire. These are carefully collated and used to further inform The Action Plan and lead our patient discussions.

3. We try to keep the whole patient body fully informed about:-

• Results of Surveys
• The Action Plan
• Changes that we have influenced
• Changes with Medical Staff
• How the CCG will affect their treatment

We do this through:-

• Regular Newsletters. Latest one is appended
• Regular updates on our website
• Posters in the waiting room ( occasionally)

What have we achieved?
We have an excellent working relationship with The Practice. Our meetings and discussions have resulted in :-
• Improved telephone systems ensuring patients calls are answered more promptly - although is to be updated further with grants from CCG
• New touch screen registration for patients including estimated waiting time
• Newsletters and PPG application forms in clear view above the touch-screen
• A measurable increase in the percentage of patients using the website to book appointments and re-order medications
• Better seating arrangements, ensuring appropriate disabled access to all surgeries
• Keeping all patients better informed about opening times, clinics and other services
• Informing patients of new initiatives ( CCCCG)
• Being able to inform patients of the results of surveys and how we have tried to address concerns ( parking being a constant gripe)

Where next? Primarily we will :-
• Address the results of current and write an Action Plan that will be presented to the Full PPG in September / October
• Continue to try to recruit a more representative PPG (we have added a further 3 in the past month) through more face to face meetings with patients.
• Continue to improve patient awareness of all the The Practice offers, including
 opening times,
 use of internet to book appointments
 use of internet to re-order prescriptions
 times and days of various clinics including
o diabetic clinic
o phelobotomy clinics
o minor ops
o HCA surgeries and what is offered

Future plans may include suggestions from NAPP, of which we are a member, to offer:-

• Health and well-being events on a regular basis through local links and services?
• Provide a volunteer drivers' scheme to assist patients with mobility problems?
• Make greater use of social media ( e-mail - text messages, twitter - facebook - local radio + TV) to inform patients of important dates, treatments ( flu innoculations).
• Run more face to face weeks within The Practice, when PPG members will be available to hand out advice notices, newsletters, interim brief questionnaires.




30 Mar 2015

PPG Annual Report Template 2014-2015

This report shows how the practice and the patient group have worked in developing and maintaining the Patient Participation Group (PPG) at Dr Ross and Partners, Northfield Health Centre. It gives a breakdown of progress which covers:-

- Methods of engagement to attract representatives to the PPG
- A breakdown of both the patient population and the PPG
- Steps taken to encourage a true representation of the practice population
- Feedback methods used to review the practice and any issues
- Frequency of meetings
- Action plan priority areas and implementation
- Progress on previous years
- How the Practice has engaged with the PPG

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Patient Participation Group for their dedication and involvement and also the practice population for offering their constructive feedback and comments.

PPG-Completed-Form-NHS-England.pdf (898 KB)


12 Mar 2014

PPG Survey Autumn 2013

Summary of Patient Survey Autumn 2013

Copies of The Action Plan will be on display on The Practice Information Table and are also available from The Practice Manager, Mr Bill Clements, upon request.

The Action Plan for 2014-2015 is a continuation of The Action Plan 2013-2014. We used the same survey from the past two years. This enables us to carry out more accurate assessments and clearly see, and address, any trends. This Action Plan also reflects the continuing issues from 2013. It is based upon an anonymous patient survey carried out during October 2013. 302 patient questionnaire responses were gathered. All responses and percentages given refer to these 302 returned patient questionnaire responses.
Of the respondents, 68% were female and 32% male. The mean (and median) age of the patients was in the range of 50-59. The majority of respondents recorded their ethnicity as British (87%) with the other 13% comprising of Asian, Black Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani and Polish amongst others.
Highlights of The Survey :-

  • 100% satisfaction with Reception Staff
  • 96% satisfaction with length of consultations
  • 99% of patients say they are listened to and treated with care
  • 98% of patients feel involved in deciding their treatment.

The Survey

The questionnaire contained 20 questions, in 4 groups asking patients to :-

  • Think about the Practice ( 3 general questions)
  • Think about making an appointment to see a doctor / nurse (6 specific questions)
  • Think about arriving at the surgery for an appointment and waiting to see your doctor / nurse ( 4 specific questions)
  • Think about your consultation with the doctor or nurse. ( 7 specific questions)

This year's results are very similar to those of previous years, showing an enviable consistency from The Practice and maintaining a high level of satisfaction from the patients.
All who work here are to be commended for maintaining such high standards.
Key Points arising from the Patient Survey.

The Practice continues to score very highly on Q's 14 - 20 inclusive. This is a continual credit to all the medical staff who are to be congratulated, and thanked, for their dedication and professionalism.
While all results are generally comparable to previous years the following points still need addressing.


• Q's 1 + 7 show a gradual improvement in patient awareness of using the internet, but this continues to need to be worked on and developed. See Target 1.
• Q. 8 indicates, that while the majority of patients find telephoning The Practice easy, there is still room for improvement. This has been an Action Plan point for a while. See Target 2
• Q. 11 indicates that we still need to develop a more robust booking in system. See Target 3.
• And we are no nearer with addressing the target from Target 4.

• While the issues that were detailed in The Action Plan 2013 - 2014 have all been discussed and some elements have been actioned, none the less they have all still to be fully completed and so will run on into the year 2014 - 2015.

Consequently, it is proposed that the Action Plan 2013-2014 be carried over to
Action Plan 2014 - 2015.

The full Action Plan and all supporting evidence was submitted to The Tudor Practice Patient Participation Group on Thursday 13th February 2014.

Details of The Action Plan and all supporting documentation is available, on request, from The Practice manager, Mr Bill Clements.


27 Feb 2013

Newsletter No 13 and Survey Results

Welcome to Newsletter No.13. First, we have a report about The Northfield Race for Life by Dr. Judith Heslop. Very well done to all who took part.
With much huffing and puffing, a 20 strong team from the Health Centre completed the Longbridge Race for Life at Cofton Park last September. Some of us ran, some of us jogged and some of us walked, but we all enjoyed the challenge of completing the hilly 5K course. We also enjoyed seeing some of our patients both participating in, and supporting the event, and it was lovely to share the day with them. We were generously supported by families, friends and patients, and as a team we raised £750 for Cancer Research UK.
Training for this year's event will begin soon....and just for the record Dr Tudor's daughter, Alice, was our first woman home!,

Last October many patients were asked to complete a Patient Questionnaire. Many thanks to all those who took the time to do this. The full results can be obtained from the Practice Manager - Bill Clements. But below are the results of Q14-17. As you can see, there is a very high level of satisfaction about key aspects of the Practice. On behalf of the Patient Group, may I say a big Thank You to all the Doctors, Nurses and Receptionists. On the results below, the first number is the total of responses. The second is a percentage of the Total. We only have space to show a few of the results.

Q14 I have enough time with the doctor / nurse to discuss the reason for my visit

YES 271 - 97%        NO 7 - 3%

Q15 The doctor / nurse listens carefully and with understanding.

YES 269 99%          NO 2 - 1%

Q16 I feel that I am treated with care and concern and the doctor / nurse takes my problems seriously.

YES 270 - 99%       NO 3 - 1%

Q17 I feel that the doctor / nurse involve me with deciding upon my treatment.

YES 271 - 99%        NO 4 - 1%

The results are used to write The Action Plan which aims to even further improve patient satisfaction with The Practice. Again, a complete copy can be obtained from The Practice Manager. Many patients added comments to the questionnaire. These have all been read and, where possible, will be acted upon. A further Newsletter will be published in April. This will give details of new telephone and booking in systems that will help answer many of your comments.

Please remember that you can book appointments and renew prescriptions on-line -

We are always looking for new members of the PPG ( Practice Patient Group) If you would like to join, please send me an e-mail


25 Jun 2012

NEWSLETTER No 12. June 2012

Welcome to Newsletter No 12 and we start with Practice News. Dr. Awan is now on maternity leave and Dr Dhalla finishes here at the end of July. Dr. Brown is staying with us and we welcome Dr Fiona Bainbrige. As you read this The Practice will soon be carrying out its second patient survey prepared by the Practice Patient Group. If you wish to join the group at our regular meetings at the surgery or be a "virtual member" on the internet, please contact us online The new Patient Survey for 2012-13 will start in July. If you are handed one, we hope you will find the time to answer the questions. It really does help us to know what you, the patients, want from The Practice and then, in consultation with the medical staff, to help deliver the best possible service.

Following last year's survey we have seen some changes that were inspired by your comments and responses. Many more patients are using the internet to make appointments and re-new prescriptions. They find it easier and quicker than telephoning. If you wish to join them, just ask at reception next time you come in for your personal password. It is as easy as that.

We have moved some of the chairs in the left hand waiting room to give easier access to wheelchair users. We are looking at putting more helpful medical website addresses on our website so that patients can access accurate information.

The Practice will be putting in a touch screen admission system in the future - very similar to those we are already used to using at the QE and Royal Orthopedic Hospitals. This will make booking in for an appointment quicker, reducing the queues that sometimes build up. Watch this space for further news.

The Practice have told us of the very high number of patients who do not attend their appointments. In May of this year alone, 330 patients neither turned up NOR telephoned in to cancel. It averages 14 appointments a day. It means 330 other patients who wanted an appointment either faced a delay or saw a doctor not of their first choice. This is really unacceptable. If patients cannot keep an appointment, please be thoughtful and ring in (or use the internet) to cancel - then their appointment can be passed to others. The Practice will now send out letters to those who do not attend and who have not cancelled.. After three such letters, if patients continue to miss appointments, they will be removed from The Practice List. The Patient Group fully support this.

Finally, we have been looking at the problem of parking when visiting The Practice. Sainsbury's car park, at the back of The Practice can be used for up to three hours by anyone, without charge. It is only a short walk around and certainly could help avoid some of the congestion and, as I saw recently, a loud argument. Just a thought. We all hope you have a lovely summer, that the sun shines, Andy Murray wins Wimbledon and the Olympic Team win more Gold medals than ever. Next Newsletter will be in the Autumn.


06 Mar 2012

Report to PCT

Northfield Health Centre. Dr Tudor's Practice Patient Group.

A Description of the profile of the members of the group and how the group is representative.

The Patient Group currently comprises 11 members of whom 8 attend regularly, with 3 rarely attending. Of the regular attenders, 4 are male and 4 are female. 2 are disabled. All are registered patients with the Tudor Practice. All members are white British as are 94% of the respondents in the latest survey. All of the group are retired persons although many work part time or have other responsibilities ( JP, committee member, carer).

Details of how the practice has taken steps to engage with groups that are under-represented within the PPG

The Practice has taken a number of steps to both increase the number of patients involved in the Group and the representation of minority groups, especially the young / middle aged or from an ethnic minority. These steps are:-
• Regular newsletters keeping patients informed of changes / improvements / surveys and encouraging patients to join.

• Dedicated pages on the Practice Website, encouraging patients to join
( ). Copies of newsletters and other information are posted regularly.

• Creation of a Virtual Group through poster advertising within the surgery -
see appendix 2. This is to encourage younger patients, who may well be in full time work and cannot attend mid-day meetings, mothers who have children at home and those who are too disabled to attend regularly. This is in its early stages - two patients have indicated an interest and they have been sent introductory information.

• Encouraging patients to join the Patient Group through posters -see appendix 3

• Patient Group Members actively canvassing the under-represented groups in the waiting areas.

• Handing out "Business cards" with our website address to encourage more patients to use the internet and to access services electronically.
Details of how the agreed priority areas and issues were included in the Patient Survey

A sub group was established comprising 3 patients from the Patient Group, one Doctor and the Practice Manager. The group reviewed a number of surveys including samples from the internet and the previous three years' surveys carried out within the Practice. We wanted to poll patients on 4 main areas.
• Patient awareness of opening times, website facilities and frequency of patient visits

• Making / booking appointments, doctor availability

• Arriving at the surgery / booking in

• Experiences when with the Doctor / Nurse in the consultation room
We also wanted to know the age group, Ethnicity, Gender and general location of the respondents. We also put in a box for the patients' own comments.
Sample questionnaires were produced, refined by the sub-group then presented to the whole group ( Doctors, Nurses, Patients) for discussion. From this came the final Patient Survey. see appendix 1
How views were collected
During a three week period - last week in October and 1st two weeks in November - the Patient Survey was handed out to all patients who were willing to complete it.
At the end of three weeks, when sufficient surveys (266) had been completed, a group of patients, from the Practice group, spent an afternoon collating the results using tally sheets.
These sheets were then totalled and summarised by the Chair-see appendix 4i and 4ii.
A PCT representative then checked the results and agreed that, despite a small anomaly in totals, they were a fair and accurate assessment of the whole process. This anomaly was caused, in part, by a small number of patients either not completing every question, or putting in 2 answers instead of one. It was noticeable that a small but significant number did not go on to the second page. This needs to be examined before next year's survey. Possibly only fully completed responses should be used?
The collation process was also slightly flawed. The patient response sheets were not kept with the relevant tally sheet. We have learnt from our errors.
A sample of these results was made available on the website and through a newsletter with full information on how every patient could see the full survey results. See appendix 6 and some posters were displayed in the waiting rooms giving a flavour of the results.

Details of how the PPG discussed and agreed the Action Plan and summary of the evidence provided
A full meeting of the PPG was held on 27th January 2012. See appendix 5 for the agenda and appendix 7 for the minutes of the meeting. The PPG accepted that the manner in which the Patient Survey was carried out was acceptable but in future years there would be more effective methodology in the collation process.
The results showed quite clearly that patients are very happy with the medical service they receive from the doctors and nurses. They are especially satisfied with the way in which the doctors and nurses listen to and involve their patients. These scores are consistent with scores from previous years' surveys. Some of the questions asked in the current survey mirrors those in last year's survey and showed a remarkable increase in the positive score. see appendix 9 for comparisons.
However, there were a number of issues raised by the Patient Survey Results. These can be summarised as:-
1. Many patients still not aware of the Practice Website
2. Telephoning the Practice can be a lengthy process
3. Queuing when arriving at the Surgery to book in
4. Information about expected waiting times if the doctor/nurse is running late.
5. Reception staff received more criticism
6. Wheelchair access within the waiting room
7. Parking availability

Points 2 + 3 are linked issues because reception staff also take all telephone calls.

It is these issues that will inform the Action Plan.

These issues were discussed by the focus group. Following this a number of recommendations were made in the form of an Action Plan. This was submitted to the Practice Staff and the Patient Representatives for comment. After due consultation the Action Plan was agreed.

Details of the Action Plan setting out findings and proposals arising out of the local Practice Survey and, if appropriate, the reasons why any such findings or proposals should not be implemented
See Action Plan - Appendix 8

A summary of the evidence, including any statistical evidence, relating to the findings or basis of proposals, arising out of the practice survey
See Appendices 4 i and 4 ii

Details of the actions which the practice and, if relevant, the PCT, intend to take as a consequence of discussions with the PPG.

See Action Plan - Appendix 8

The opening hours of the Practice premises and the communication methods available for patients to contact the surgery throughout the core hours

The opening hours of the surgery are 08.00 - 18.30 hrs. Patients can make face to face contact between these hours Monday to Friday as the doors are not closed during any of these times. Other means of communication are by telephone, fax, e-mail through the Practice website and by post.

Details of the extended Opening Hours, including details of the times at which individual healthcare professionals are accessible to registered patients.

The opening hours have been extended Monday to Friday from 7.00 - 8.00 hrs. A doctor is available during these times for pre-booked and urgent cases that cannot wait until core hour surgery.


23 Jan 2012

Newsletter 11 - Patient Survey Results

A Happy New Year to all patients and staff of Dr. Tudor and Partners' Practice.
Every year our Practice carries out a Patient Survey that is planned and written by a national survey company. Last year however, in line with recommendations by the PCT (Primary Care Trust), our Practice wrote its own survey. A group of patients met frequently over a 6 weeks period in July and August with Dr. Woodman and Bill Clements (Practice Manager) to devise our own, and more relevant, survey. We took samples of previous years' surveys and tailored the questions to meet the needs of our Practice.
The survey content was approved by a full meeting of the Patient Group with the doctors in September and the survey was handed out to patients over a three week period in October / November.
The results were collected and collated by the Patient Group and then independently verified by a representative from the PCT.
Thank you to all the patients (266) who took the time to complete the survey. It is greatly appreciated.
The full results are available from Bill Clements (Practice Manager) on request while the website ( carries some of the results. Below is a small sample of what you said.

Q 15. Do you feel that the doctor / nurse listen carefully and with understanding? YES = 98% NO = 2%

Q 16. Do you feel that you are treated with care and concern and the doctor / nurse take my problems seriously? YES = 98% NO = 2%

Q 17. Do you feel that the doctor / nurse involve you with deciding upon your treatment? YES = 96% NO = 4%

Not all questions were scored as highly, but in the section that asked about the care you receive from the Practice, the Average Positive Score was 94%. Thank you to all the doctors and Nurses at the Practice.

Patients also added their own comments. "I feel the practice is well run and accommodates your needs" - "I have been with the surgery all my life and I have no complaints". Some patients raised points about Parking, Waiting Times and Telephoning the Practice. These issues will be discussed at the next Doctor / Patient meeting and we will let you know the results as soon as any decisions are made.


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